Barack Obama Quote

“… it is part of our nature to demand explanations –- to try and pose some order on the chaos and make sense out of that which seems senseless.” — Barack Obama Source: from a speech given at the “Together We Thrive: Tucson and America” Memorial, McKale Memorial Center, University of Arizona, Tucson January 12,… Continue reading Barack Obama Quote

Marilyn Monroe Quote

“… when you’re famous you kind of run into human nature in a raw kind of way.” — Marilyn Monroe Source: from “Last Talk With a Lonely Girl: Marilyn Monroe” by Richard Meryman, published in Life magazine, August 17, 1962

Oscar Wilde Quote

“To realize one’s nature perfectly—that is what each of us is here for.”  — Oscar Wilde Source: 1890 book The Picture of Dorian Gray, Ch. 2 (Lord Henry)